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First week in Germany! 2 Cats in space!!!!!!!

Hallo von Deutschland!

The first german that I met was the man i sat by on the plane, whose name was Gerd. His full name was Gerhard Joachim Georg Conrad Schmidt (much like John Jacob Jingleheimer. he loved when i told him this. I did hold back from singing the song to him though... only because I had been awake for almost 18 hours) He was a very nice old man, complete with slacks and a sweater vest, and he told me many good tales of his life.
Dan met me at the airport in Frankfurt (7 am German time, 1 am ohio time) and we caught a bus to Bonn, which went along the Rhine river and was gorgeousss. It got me very excited for Germany.
My Bonn-Buddy (not Bone Buddy), who is just a pen pal from Bonn, met us at the Bonn Bahnhof and walked us to where we would sign in and everything. We walked our luggage to my dorm first. I checked in with the owner of the complex and then I almost died from my lack of sleep and the 5-flight haul up to my room... But we survived. I unpacked most of my stuff and rearranged the room, then Dan and I went to see his dorm.
His dorm is a ten minute bus ride on the southern side of town. So we got lost going there and three old german men in BFE helped us get on the right bus. Upon arrival in Dan's room, I passed out on his bed to the point that his Tutor/RA/whatever they call it here was in the room talking to him for a while and I didn't hear any of it. Dan got settled and then we went out on the town.
We went to the grocery store and I bought my first german beer and drank it walking down the street.. it was good and I don't even like beer! We bought frozen pizza and cooked it and ate it on the roof because the window in my dorm leads right out to the roof, and it's the only one on this floor that does (besides the kitchen).
This was followed by swiftly passing out from the longest day of my life.

We woke up on Thursday and had our first orientation meeting and then split into groups to tour the city. Dan and I sneakily got in the same group and followed this guy named Thenkred around. We got free food at a nearby school cafeteria and then walked around the Hauptgebäude for literally an hour. Or maybe we were just tired and bored. but it was excruciatingly boring. We then saw some of the rest of town before breaking off to go shopping on our own. We bought some essentials for my dorm and also some food for later... including Nutella and Leibniz Butterkeks (shortbread crackers) to eat... soooooooo good! (It's in fact what I am snacking on now). We took a short nap and then ate a Doener and went to the Rhine river and drank a bottle of wine and ate Nutella because it's only a block or two away from my dorm... Oh how grand life in germany is...

Friday, we woke up and took a placement test to see what level of German we will be in. It wasn't too bad, some parts of it were kind of difficult because we had to hear people speaking and the tape was kind of fuzzy/they were speaking fast. But I'm actually good at getting around/asking directions/buying from stores/asking for what I want in stores. I can also understand 99% of the signs here. The little kids are so hard to understand though, but it's cute to hear them talk in German haha.
We went shopping (again) and had a little tour of the city just from trying to find where we wanted to go. I turned in my papers so I am now registered with the fabulous city of Bonn, Germany!
My apartment didn't have power for the last few days (I think I blew a breaker trying to plug something in.. it started smoking, it was just a bad situation.) so we went to Dan's house and set up the internet on my laptop.
We got a free chinese buffet from the international club... and three free beers.. which was basically the best thing of my life. Soooo good.
I came home a little tipsy and napped before Dan and our friend Kyle came over and sat outside on our roof for just some get together time. Then I started to get a cold and felt really sick, so I went to bed, but not before talking to my mom FINALLY on skype :)

i got up at 1 pm today, feeling way better. So Dan came over and we did more shopping because there is a never ending list of things that I need for my room, and the stores are so hard to find stuff in because they do not have wal mart. Then we went and got groceries and had supper and now we are just trying to figure out what to do with our nights!

Everything is so much different here. I'm liking it a lot.
We saw a calendar that said AMERICAN TRUCKS on it. it was beautiful. They only have cars here. really small ones. that they park on the sidewalk.

ok picture time before dan and i head to a pub called billabong!

half of the plane i landed in

the other half


my room!

haha dan hiding.

der Schrank (plaid!!!!!!)

The view from the window in my room.

the view from the roof outside into my window

the stairs I climb up every day, thrice a day. and then another flight that you can't see because it's off to the side.
apparently elevators don't exist here

kitchen! with roof access out of the window.
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